The Ashtanga Practice: 30 Minute Ashtanga Quickie
Sarah Lowe

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Perfect pace. Just right for a short astanga infusion.
Hi Sarah, my first attempt at Ashtanga. I watched your video on breathing, which helped. I have been working on trying to losen my hips, shoulders and neck, and back with other practices. I do a lot of Yin, and back repair practices.
I still can not do a full lotus, my knees aren't happy there, so lifting off the floor didn't happen, maybe never will. I know the asanas, and I like the way you not only lead us through the flow, but also give options in poses. I have no problem with bridge, I am careful due to sensitive back, but can not push up from my hands. Do you have any videos that can help me work on getting into that position?
I appreciate your teaching and guidance, and will continue to do this practice.
Hey Sarah Lowe, this was the perfect routine to do mid-morning to feel a gentle, quick rise in energy and strength. I like your calm approach and options for doing things differently. The movements that didn't feel right to me today I just modified and was happy to do so. Appreciate the sequence and guidance! :) Look forward to trying more of your videos.
beautiful practice as always Sarah Lowe , thank u xo
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I loved this no messing, easy to follow sequence. Perfect mid-week after work practice.
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Delightful! I enjoy Sarah's energy, wit and pace. This was a great workout in just 30 minutes. Gratitude.
Lorrie thank you! So glad you enjoyed the practice 💪🏻🙏🏻
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I like how you call attention to the breath. Thank you
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Pablo thanks for practicing! The emphasis breath is one of my favorite parts about this practice 🙏🏻
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This was my first video and it was great. Challenging enough and quick. Thank you
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