The Vinyasa Show: Essential Flow
Rosemary Garrison

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Rosemary: loved my earlier comment. So much growth a year later. Your Chakra practice resonated for weeks. Hoping I can make it tomorrow or Saturday. Namaste 
Lovely to hear, David G- ! It's such a joy to be on this ride with you. Namaste. 
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Hey Rosemary: first time practicing in my place with you. Felt right  to  come here. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season. Best, David 
Congratulations on your new home, David G- How is it feeling? 
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Rosemary Garrison Thanks! It feels like home now and great place to practice yoga. There is a gazebo outside in this common area for the condominium complex. Feels like I am supposed to do Warrior 2 in there. Unfortunately, yesterday's Pad practice was sound muted for me. Was a lesson in cranking the neck at the screen and remembering "is there where we get a five breathe pause?" Hope you had a great weekend. 
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