The Vinyasa Show: Shake Up Your Balance<br>Rosemary Garrison

The Vinyasa Show: Shake Up Your Balance
Rosemary Garrison

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Christine L
Thank you Rosemary. What a great start to my day! I love playing with the balance, I find it really grounding and strengthening.

Rosemary Garrison
Thank you! So happy to hear this. Enjoy,
Johanna L
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Ou, beautiful start of this week for body & mind
Thank you from Sweden.
Rosemary Garrison
So wonderful to hear, thank you! I've been wondering... what is yoga like in Sweden?!
Johanna L
I´m quite new at yoga but have a fantastic yogateacher in Alexandra Kambler who introduced me to her classes here at yoganytime and "live" here in Sweden. Have founded so much in yoga that I have been longing for. Thankful
Rosemary Garrison
This is so wonderful to hear. It's just magical to me that so many people are practicing all over the world! And that we can come together here- in a unique way- is such a gift. Enjoy!
Jennifer B
[Rosemary Garrison] you are an amazing instructor with well balanced classes! Thank you for always leaving me feel open and light❤️
Rosemary Garrison
Thank you, Jennifer ! This makes me smile. I hope you continue to enjoy!
Kit & Dee Dee
Great morning session! Thank you.
Samantha E
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I like Rosemary. She seems so calm and kind but then you get going and know she means business. Definitely gonna feel it in my core tomorrow!
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