Mandala Yoga: Opening out to Truth<br>Jennifer Prugh

Mandala Yoga: Opening out to Truth
Jennifer Prugh

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Frederic M
Thank you Jennifer for this wonderful practice. I feel so open and present!
Jennifer Prugh
Lovely!! You are welcome Frederic!
Elana M
Jennifer, Thank you so much for your strength and your love. I was getting in my own way until I closed my eyes and opened to that love you spoke of and fell deeper into the pose almost instantaneously. I know I am always trying to remain focused on the love - especially towards those who make it harder to do so. Thanks for the reminder and the connection with fish pose. I will bring that into my daily practice!
Jennifer Prugh
Thanks for your feedback, Elana. Practicing by drawing upon love is a really fascinating and sometimes difficult practice (at least for me). I can find all kinds of ways to avoid dropping into love. And yet, it's all we really want in our lives, to love and be loved. Practicing being love is more powerful than any asana, and at the end of one's life, what will remain will not be a whole lot of fancy asana, but hopefully, a whole lot of love. I'm glad you found it valuable. Thanks again for letting me know!
Suzie C
Hello, Jennifer. This is the first video I've watched on yogaanytime and I am so happy to have come across such a meaningful practice! Your perspective on love and life has really made me pause and think. Thank you for sharing your wonderful state of mind and tips, I am very inspired! ❤️
Jennifer Prugh
Hi Suzie,
Thanks for your lovely note! I think you will find many of the teachers on Yoga Anytime to be purely inspirational. The folks who run YA are so good at assembling great teachings. Find me on Facebook and Instagram if you'd like and I hope you enjoy all the shows. And thanks again!
Christy Li
As always, you know just how to challenge me both physically and internally/mentally whether live at your studio or in your videos, amazing, thank you! Hugs & Lots of Love! :)
Jennifer Prugh
Thanks Christy! I'm glad to know it's still possible to convey the big message over your screen! :D Thanks for letting me know. xoxo
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Feeling the love! There is so much good work in this beautiful practice, this one's for life. Thank you, Jennifer.
Jennifer Prugh
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