Asana Studies: Front Body Exploration<br>Zeynep Celen

Asana Studies: Front Body Exploration
Zeynep Celen

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Ebru B
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Hi Zeynep. Loved this video. It is so nice to be able to practice with you again. Wishing you all the best??????
Cigdem M
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Such a lovely class. My frontal body will be smiling all day. Thank you Zeynep.
Sinemis B
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hearing your voice teaching me again is beyond words , thank you , missed you
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Doing practice with you,hearing your voice and energy are incredible!!!!!!
What a lovely day :)Thank you Zeynep
Zeynep Celen
Thank you all for watching and being here :)!! I am so glad that we can be together again, wish I could see you all practicing with it too! :)

Thank you! And lots of hugs to each one of you (Ebru, Çigdem, Sinemis ve Pinar :) )
Johanna L
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Aussum! Thank you.
Zeynep Celen
Thank you, too! Johanna :)
Elissa P
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I really enjoy your teaching. How fun it would be to take your classes in person in Istanbul!
Phuong E
Thank you, Zeynep. I did this practice a few days ago and people sent me photos of their unguarded, open faces without me asking. Strangers smiled at me. Isn’t that interesting?
Laura M
A wonderful practice! Thank you!!
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