The Vinyasa Show: Playing Towards Heron<br>Audra Carmine

The Vinyasa Show: Playing Towards Heron
Audra Carmine

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Misha F
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You have such a great positive energy, and I love the way you walk through the details of poses and transitions. And your sequencing flows so well. Great, substantial class, thank you.
Audra Carmine
Thank you, Misha! So good to hear the positive vibes translate on film and that you enjoyed the class.
North F
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Audra Carmine
You are very welcome, North. It is an honor to share in these practices together.
Zara B
Audra, thank you so much for all your videos! You've got such lovely energy and you always make me laugh! My partner and I practice with you again and again, and the love fest flow is just bliss! Thank you 💗
Audra Carmine
Thank you, Zara! So glad I can help you and your partner laugh and practice yoga:))) It's the best combination.
Melisse R
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Your giant, glowing, love-energy is so delightful and I love your humor. I also love and learn so much from how you sequence your class, progressively repeating and building. Your detailed cues are super helpful. Thank you!
Audra Carmine
Hi Melisse! Thank you so much. I am totally blushing, your comment is so sweet:))) Let me know if you have any questions. Love always.
Masako B
I enjoyed your class very much however, your voice is so soft that I had a hard time understanding.  Is there any way to make it clear and louder
so that I can take your class again? Thanks and looking forward to your next class. Masako Borders
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I have always LOVED Heron pose! Thank you for the fantastic sequencing to get us into Heron safely!
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