Bend It Like Bex: Spread Your Wings<br>Rebecca Urban

Bend It Like Bex: Spread Your Wings
Rebecca Urban

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Johanna L
I really liked this, thank you from Sweden
Christine L
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Bex! I really loved this sequence. The transitions were unique. I especially liked the one from Warrior 3 with Garudasana arms, to full Garudasana, and then into Warrior 2. It felt so smooth and natural, yet it was a transition I've never done before. The core strengthening sequence was great, too. Thank you for a great start to my day :)

Marleen R
Just the kickstart I needed. Thank you.
Rebecca Urban
Thanks sweet friends...keep on your mat and moving with your deep breathing!
Lisa H
Great sequence Bex! Loving all your online classes :)
Rebecca Urban
Thanks love having you take my classes and virtually being with you!
Elizabeth D
thanks for the coachella warm up. got some nice alignment cracks. love those side bends after flying.
Robyn C
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Loved this one BEX!! Thank you XO
Rebecca Urban
thanks...robyn keep on moving!!
Erika H
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Woot! Honoring the light in you, and grateful for a sweet practice.
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