Get a Backbone: Courageous Commited Conduit<br>Kate Smith

Get a Backbone: Courageous Commited Conduit
Kate Smith

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David G-
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Kate, you did mention the tremor of truth. Thanks for repeating it.  Your Pilates instructor should go online so I can take her class. She must be awesome. Also, who are these yoga police? I practice yoga in the kitchen too, and I frequently do the heel raises. Shake, rattle and roll! 
Kate Smith
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Ha! The "yoga police" speaks to the dogma of some teachings...too many rules or too much strictness or too much emphasis on the external and not that internal  - any teachings that might exclude certain bodies....I believe that is the best way to explain... but I am not sure ifI'm doing the phrase justice. I didn't make that phrase up. Once of my teachers used to say it....not sure which one right now. 
Elizabeth A
I had thought I could use this video to make a list of the poses to recreate the Grounded class I miss so much at Gaea. Ha! I had forgotten it’s all about the cues you give and the depth of knowledge behind those cues. Will have to rewatch this until I have it memorized. Miss you!
Kate Smith
Elizabeth A  !! You are too kind.... I miss the Grounded class as well. I miss teaching it. It was so fun to teach and so wonderful to watch all of you students live into the strength of your spines.... Thanks for the comment. Missing you. Sending LOVE !! Thank you for practicing with me cosmically :)
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