Good Morning Yoga: Flow and Free Yourself
Alana Mitnick

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Thanks Alana. This is a perfect flow for the days when we don’t feel like getting on our mat!
Great wake up this morning. Thank you.
Good morning, Kit and Dee Dee! So great to practice together! I hope you are all staying warm and cozy. Sending love from the west coast. xoA
Hi Frederic! So glad you enjoyed this practice. Best wishes, Alana
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I was indeed inspired, and I am learning to
love revolved triangle.
Good morning, Ali! I am so inspired by your dedicated yoga practice. Yes... revolved triangle is a continual journey of patience and self compassion, AND it feels goods. xoA
Nice practice! Thanks, Alana! It helped me to wake up this morning!
Wonderful, Sandra! What a nice and energizing way to start your week! I appreciate your comments and love hearing from you. Love. Alana 
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Thank you for this practice! Soft and strong!
Hi Sharon O! Thank you so much for joining me! So delighted to be practicing together. Love. Alana 
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