The Yoga Flow Show: Enliven Your Heart<br>Jessica Garay

The Yoga Flow Show: Enliven Your Heart
Jessica Garay

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Simon ?
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A very full practise in quick time - just what I needed. Very good opening all over. Bless you Jessica.
Misty Eve Hannah
Playful and clear...feeling my heart expanding, my spine lengthening. Thank you Jessica :)
Elana Z
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I'm new to yoga, and was skeptical at first, but this class was wonderful! Thank you Jessica!
Helene B
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Thank you so much Jessica, I LOVE your classes ! So fun and they feel good and strong !
Frederic M
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Thanks Jessica, wonderful practice!
Becky S
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Short and sweet but a great way to stretch, balance and breathe! thank you!
Rachel B
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Jessica really understands how to balance a shorter sequence. Thank you for helping me feel joy in my body!
This was totally yummy scrummy. I managed to squeeze it into a busy evening, and so it was perfect. Love the playful, interesting variations, like flipping the dog, and the humble warrior. It stretched and squeezed me in all the right places! Thank you Jessica!
Heidi H
Loved this practice, felt gentle and but with lots of movement and stretch in all the right places. 
Sharon O
Thank you for this opening and strong session!
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