14 Days of Yoga for More Energy: Day 1: Top of the Mat
Brenda Lear

Watch this Practice
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I've been meaning to get back into Yoga, this was Day 1 and I will def be back for Day 2 tomorrow!
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Thanks Brenda. Lovely sequence. I did the routine twice! Just finished the Heart Challenge with Wade which were longer practices. Doing it a second time allowed me to really listen and paying closer attention to the posture. It allowed me to pick up nuances which I missed first time around. Have a beautiful day.
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Wonderful start! This surprised me how much heat was generated during such small movements. Can't wait for day 2 :)
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Dear Annika, the volume issue has been fixed now and you should be able to watch the video. Thank you!
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Short and so sweet!! I love returning to simple practice sequences. It allows me to really focus my attention within. So good. Thank you, Brenda!
Great start. I like this challenge. Thank you. 
Im new to yoga and the challenge, That was brilliant thank you 
Hi Brenda. Looking forward to finding the ease within the effort over the next 13 days. Namaste
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