30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 2: Breathe Into It
Robert Sidoti

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Good morning Maria and anyone else reading this! I am a. I'm fan and believer in those squats, feels so good to have a strong base for our bodies!
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Thanks for this. I am a pilates teacher who's come over from pilates anytime because I fancied a change. Having fallen out of love a bit with my pilates practice. This is exactly what I need. Namaste. x
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I don't get to do this until the end of my day but I find myself looking forward to telling my contacts, "I'm gonna hit the mat for about 20!" Enjoyed the 'sloppy belly' aspect of this one, Robert. Your words always make me smile! I always find it so interesting that after several years training martial arts a lot of that muscle memory, theory, and application comes back to find me on the mat. Looking forward to the next 28 days!
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I'm absolutely loving this challenge! Been feeling pretty down about myself post-holidays--I've gained weight, haven't practiced as much as I used to, and am both feeling and seeing it. After having been doing level 2+ classes for so long, this is a humble way to root back to myself. Yea, I may have been feeling lower in my self esteem, but this has reminded me I can always go back to tadasana, take a breath, and pause. That's where it all starts--in the pause. Thank you for helping me get back to the silence, both internal and external :)
Leonie, so happy you've jumped into this and that it feels good! Keep me posted along the way, I enjoy keeping up on what's happening and happy to answer questions!
Kyrstyn! Thanks for your comment and for joining us! That's so cool that your body and mind recognize the cues and movements and that it feels like a smooth transition! Stay in touch throughout, I'll be checking in the whole way through! "I'm gonna hit the mat for about 20!" :)
Hi Paige! I think a lot of people feel the way you do after the holidays, I've had several conversations with people and students who've expressed the 'post holiday blues' :) I'll be right with you the whole way through, as will the rest of the people practicing, let me know how it's going along the way!
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Robert, you have a tremendous gift of encouraging--excellent instruction and you add joy to the moments--the encouragement strengthens it all though. I am so impressed with how returning to the beginning of the yoga journey with this challenge is providing such a deep appreciation that I don't think the aim to "reach" a certain yoga level allowed. Grateful so thank you!
Lisa, sometimes all we need is a little encouragement to get us on our way:)
I too am grateful to you and others who've joined this challenge, it is mutually encouraging and inspiring. Deep gratitude, see you down the road in the challenge Lisa!
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Did day 2 for the second time as I am doing it with a friend this time. Loads of fun. I particularly like the short breathing exercise. I think that I will take that away with me for later to use when I need to feel grounded. Thanks looking forward to Day 3
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