30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 5: Be Fearless
Robert Sidoti

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Thank you!!
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Thanks, Robert!! Great challenging class :) feelimg warmed up and ready for the day!!
Good job Luisa!!
yes! "hurts so good" and I still showed up!
thank you Robert, see you tomorrow.
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Is there a way to do crow pose -- or something that has a similar effect -- without stressing the wrists so much? I have one that just can't take it. Thanks, Robert. This 30 challenge has been great so far!
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Skipped yesterday so I did 4 & 5 today--great combo! A little sweatier too :)
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Robert I have the same question as Elaine Fox does in terms of modification of the crow pose. The pose just puts too much stress on my wrists and I unable to settle into it. Is there a modification or alternate pose which will achieve the same physical effect?
Day 5 guys! Good job!
Hi Elaine and Dannette (and anyone else with wrist discomfort, or don't want wrist discomfort) :)
Crow pose is hard on the wrists! Ugh, it just is for a few reasons.
Your entire bodies weight is on your wrists/hands for one.
One thing to consider before trying again and for future is to strengthen and stretch your wrists more, this over time will help, maybe not resolve crow issue, but help in general for sure.
To minimize the severity of wrist flexion you can roll up a mat, blanket or towel so to elevate the heel of your palms, thus minimizing the intensity and bend at wrist crease.
Pressing more deliberately into the finger pads at base of your fingers is a helpful habit to get into in crow, down dog etc.
Hope this is helpful!!

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That IS helpful, Robert. I'll try rolling the mat for crow next time. Thanks!
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