The Vinyasa Show: Simple Stretch<br>Nicole Inglish

The Vinyasa Show: Simple Stretch
Nicole Inglish

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Cheri Clampett C-IAYT
Hi Nicole, This was such a great short practice to rejuvenate my legs after a long hike this morning! I loved being with you, thank you! Love, Cheri
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@Cheri Cheri Clampett My beautiful friend and mentor! it touches me deeply to know you loved it! Thank you so much, I feel so honored!
Kate M
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I have a friend with MS that I practice yoga with every week... we tried this practice together and she really loved it! Thank you : )
Jennie W
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I loved this practice! It was perfect after a day of sitting in meetings at work. I really like that the whole practice is on the ground. I felt tired and blah from work today and didn't really feel like practicing, but knew that I needed to. This video was absolutely what I was looking for: something slow and grounding. And the stretching took away all that blah and tiredness. Thank you so much for this :)
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@Kate Kate that makes me sooooo happy, are you guys still practicing together every week!?
@Jennie Jennie I'm so happy you loved this, that it could bring you the refreshment you needed, thank you so much. Enjoy! And keep in touch
Glenford N
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Thanks Nicole. This slow relaxing practice was just what the doctor ordered after a busy. My hips and hamstrings felt gently opened and loved. The breathing routine perfect for a good night's sleep.
Thank you Glenford, I'm so glad you enjoyed it
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Julie P
I'm sleeping on a madrass on the floor right now and this practice helped me so much to stretch out my spine and hips and legs. Thank you so much for it! 
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