Yoga for Our Nature: Rock Your Kapha<br>Melina Meza

Yoga for Our Nature: Rock Your Kapha
Melina Meza

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Jaclyn P
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incredible class to build a sustainable warmth and aliveness, teacher has a great voice
Martha K
I keep coming back to this class. It's a favorite!
Elissa P
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I just love ya Melina. Always fun to revisit you/your classes on yogaanytime. My favorite thing about your practices (doesn't matter which one) is when you laugh/giggle .... it always makes me laugh out loud and that is good medicine. Your "way" through is somehow light and grounded all at once. Just lovely.
Lynn-Marie M
Melina always inspires me with her organic approach to Yoga. I've been teaching for 16 years and she's been my go-to for ideas and sequences. I feel fortunate that I can watch her videos on YogaAnytime!! Thank you so much!!!!
Melina Meza
Thank you all for your sweet emails and for visiting my classes! Its an honor to get to share what I love with you all.
Christina F
Melina, what other classes have you recorded for Yoga Anytime that get a Kapha person sweating? Thank you for this one!
Melina Meza
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How about give these a try: Season 1-Elemental Soup, Fire Shorty, Fire, Season 2-Spring and Winter practice, Season 3 - Dosha Mixer, Loosen Pitta Tension. You might need to mix a few to get your sweat on!!!!
Christina F
Melina Meza THANK YOU for this list!! Look forward to exploring each one. My kapha body is happy.
Nanci S
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Absolutely amazing. I took your advice about Banyan Botanicals and took the Dosha quiz. My kapha was out of balance so I chose this video. WOW. I feel so much better now

Melina Meza
Wonderful news and I hope this practice continue to balance your Kapha in the seasons ahead.
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