Keepin' it Real: Shoulder Love<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin' it Real: Shoulder Love
Robert Sidoti

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Heike S
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This was very interesting.
Thank you for the travel through the Shoulder.
I try it and like it
Dannette W
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That was a wonderful practice. I loved how concentrated the movement was, Great relief for my shoulders & upper back. Thanks Robert!
Robert Sidoti
You are welcome Dannette. The shoulders and upper back are such a tender area for most, good to know it felt good for you:))
Laurie W
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Robert, this was so thorough. Loved the use of the strap, the blocks, the ease of your voice and your sense of humor!
Robert Sidoti
Glad you enjoyed this practice Laurie!
Tesa Urbonaite Dunn
What a great practice! Thank you. Loved the strap work and side bends. Your energy is super fun:)
Fabian H
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my shoulders feel happy!
Fabian H
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It is up to me to explore!  :))
Laura M
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Thank you!! You're such a good teacher!
Robert Sidoti
Thank you Laura M for your very positive and generous comments here, very much appreciated :)) 
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