Flow Sweet Flow: Peaceful Flow<br>Linda Baffa

Flow Sweet Flow: Peaceful Flow
Linda Baffa

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Linda Baffa
Silvia awe you are so sweet. Thanks for sharing your feedback and so glad you enjoyed the practice!!
Beth F
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Thank you Linda, for helping me keep focused on the breath and including the alternate nostril breathing. I wish you would do some 60 minute practices in this series. (-:
Linda Baffa
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Beth Thank you for the feedback! Ahh... yes. Its all about the breath. :)) I'll consider some 60-minute flows for next time!
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Wow! This is the sequence for me. Thank you for sharing!
Allyson W
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This was a very soothing series of poses.
I love these moon salutations. Feel completely at ease and deeply peaceful! Thank you Linda.
Gretchen N
Linda! I've watched almost all your classes and love them! When will we get some more from you?!
Kate M
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This was a beautiful evening practice. Now a little sitting practice... then bedtime... mmmmmm ... thank you.
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Kate what a lovely way to end your day :)
Manuel M
You are awesome, Linda.
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