The 7-Day Pain Free Challenge: Day 4: Take a Stand<br>Peter Sterios

The 7-Day Pain Free Challenge: Day 4: Take a Stand
Peter Sterios

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Peter Sterios
Kate you are so right - being asked to move in different ways helps overcome mental stagnation and resistance, which in life are very valuable experiences...
North F
Thanks Peter - be well and may all be easeful for you and all your other students. And, 20,000 words - how exciting!
Glenford N
Hi Peter. I loved the idea of visualizing my internal organs resting and the emphasis you put on the breath and where it should be flowing to my heart, lungs, ribcage, pelvis or lower abdomen. I need to get a poster of the body's anatomy and stick it on the wall so I can refer to it during your practices.! I enjoyed the middle section where the intensity increased and did most of the balancing poses by remembering to relax my stomach. Looking forward to Day 5. This challenge is going so quickly, I may have to repeat it. Namaste.
Gabriel W
Great triangle sequence. Thank you.
Eric M
Thank you Peter. I’ve discovered a few really tight painful areas that I wasn’t giving attention to. This is such a great practice following your introductory talk at the beginning of the series. I feel like I’m unwinding decades of pain. Namaste!
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