Ayurveda: Practices to Feel Like Yourself: Vata Evening Practice<br>Ali Cramer

Ayurveda: Practices to Feel Like Yourself: Vata Evening Practice
Ali Cramer

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Stacie C
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That diagonal block trick is a game-changer! Thank you Ali!
Audrey P
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Thank you Ali Cramer. I really enjoyed that. Its the first time I have done one of your practises. I'm still quite a beginner so I wasn't sure if I could do your practise but your explanations were simple and your pace was uncomplicated so I really enjoyed it. Its the first time I've been game to comment too A day of firsts for me. Many thanks from Australia.
Ali Cramer
Audrey thanks so much! I think it’s nice to slow down and simplify as much as possible! 😜 Namaste, Ali Cramer
Janeissy A
This practice was awesome, perfect to recover from fatigue and allow my body time and space to heal. Thank you!
Ali Cramer
Janeissy thank you so much! So glad you are using the tools! Namaste, Ali
Lorraine Marek
After travelling all day in the car this felt good for my hips & back thanks
Ali Cramer
Lorraine glad to hear that! Thanks so much. Namaste ❤️
Fabian H
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such a lovely way to end the day :)
Ali Cramer
Fabian thank you so much! Namaste ❤️
Sandra Židan
Great practice, Ali! And thank you for that breathing exercise for thyroid- it'll help me a lot! Kind regards!
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