Practice with Mark Robberds: Explore Seated Postures<br>Mark Robberds

Practice with Mark Robberds: Explore Seated Postures
Mark Robberds

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Maartje V
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Brilliant! My stretched-out, vitalized and relaxed body thanks you very much, Mark. :)
Kate M
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Nice sequence. Interestingly, for the first time in about 3 years, I came comfortably into yoga mudra! I had to stop practising lotus because of knee injuries (from practising lotus!). Didn't hold it overly long... but encouraging!
Mark Robberds
Fantastic Maartje - I'm happy you enjoyed it. 🙏
Mark Robberds
That's awesome Kate 🙌🏼
Fernando A
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Hell Mark. Loved the seated sequences.
Too much emphasis on standing poses and "vinyasa" now a days. Please bring more...
Would you recommend a warm up before this class? Thanks!
Mark Robberds
Hi Fernando Thanks bro - I'm happy to hear that you loved it. You could try my sun salutations and/or the standing sequence before this seated sequence if you like. All the best, Mark
Lia S
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sooo goood thank u mark! gentle but strong, relaxing with your voice and pace while chalenging the abilities... really well planned and guided:)
Janet L
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Looooooooooove it
Mark Robberds
Thanks Janet I'm happy to hear that.
Mark Robberds
Thanks Lia - glad you enjoyed it.
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