Practice with Mark Robberds: Backbend Exploration
Mark Robberds

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Brilliant sequencing! I especially loved the sequence you used to move toward Pasāsana. As a kid in gymnastics I didn't think twice about doing dropbacks... but today I just watched! Really nice pathway through the intermediate series. Your novel sequencing makes it fresh. Thank you, Mark!
I love the back bends pose! Thank you very much!!
Thanks Kate Glad you are enjoying the series!
Thanks Lisapin - i'm happy to hear that.
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I love all your pose I hope have can become your student 😁
Thanks Lisapin - that would be great... I look forward to meeting you at one of my workshops. Mark
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😁 I'm in cambodia
Thanks Mark, enjoyed the sequences. Question: in bow pose why do you hold from the inner and outside of the ankle?
Hi Kendra In Ashtanga we hold from the outside - but holding from the inside is a good variation as it guarantees external rotation of the upper arm.
Mark Robberds
loved the sequencing. thanks Mark Robberds
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