Move to Meditate: Center and Ground<br>Julian Marc Walker

Move to Meditate: Center and Ground
Julian Marc Walker

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PS: i am delighted to announce i now have custom designed playlists you can synchronize with these classes, for a more full spectrum experience!! here's the playlist for the above class: Base Camp Reno Christine Deidra Jenny
Joan J
This is such a nice practice to start my day. It helps my hips open,a my back relax. I feel my blood and energy flow. Grateful for your teaching.
Tina B
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Your class has just helped me feel more 'at home' in my body. And boy does that feel good. Bless you and thank you
that's very touching Tina thanks for letting me know!
Sooo lovely and calming. Felt great at the end of the day. Thank you.
Simon ?
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Beautifully calm. Perfect. *
thanks Simon :)
Kate M
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Lovely practice. I love the mindful movement segue into sitting. I love to move, but have a lot more difficulty with sitting. This is a wonderful approach for me...
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so glad Kate
Glenford N
Thanks Julian. A lovely calming practice much needed after a hectic day. Loved the Rumi quote. ... "a breath breathing human being" A beatiful thought to contemplate.
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