Move to Meditate: Fluid Body and Mind<br>Julian Marc Walker

Move to Meditate: Fluid Body and Mind
Julian Marc Walker

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Mary D
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Julian, I LOVE your yoga offerings and treasure sharing the journey with you
on YOGA ANYTIME. Thank you for all you bring to it... Warmest greetings from
Northern California! How I miss the lovin family at Santa Monica Yoga. Keep it
flowin, great one. Mary Donovan
oh wow, thanks old friend! :) great to hear from you mary. i had so much fun creating this series..... glad you enjoyed.Mary
Erin S
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What a great video to offer! Thank you so much for adding it!!
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thanks Erin ! i was honestly not sure how this one would turn out..... glad you like it. :)
Alison L
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What a nourishing practice. Just what I needed today. Thank you
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so glad you found it to be nourishing Alison ! the playlist is now available that goes with this specific class, if you want to come back to it soon for an even more full spectrum experience :)
Claire B
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After a stressful day this yoga practice felt like a blanket of calm. I loved the music. Thank you so much for this practice.
oh so glad it was what you needed, and delighted that you were able to have the full experience with the playlist! thanks so much Claire
Trina Altman
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I'm loving this class! Doing the hand spirals right now....yummmm
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that's fun Trina Altman i was just enjoying the spirals in your "deconstructing yoga" class! :) i think you'll appreciate the improvised floor work later —i am similarly inspired by the labanne/bartinieff/primal movement/axis syllabus stuff!
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