Shakti Shazaam: From Chaos to Serenity
Jessica Magnin

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Dear Elana, What an inspiration to know that you practice daily and I thank you for including me in your practice! Blessings to you!
Great practice! Really creative. Thank you!
Thank YOU Elaine!
Wonderful yoga session Jessica! I feel so serene now and ready to have a blissful sleep and go into a new week. I love all your sessions. You are so gifted and we are blessed to grow through your gift. Thank you! Namaste!
Thank you Elana for your enthusiasm and joy! I love to hear it shine through. Blessings to you.
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What a great session for understanding how to move through Chaos, powerful healing words and intense healing yoga. Thank you, Namaste from Austin TX (originally from Puerto Rico) gracias
Thank you Caroline for joining the practice and bringing your wonderful energy that I can read through your words. Much love
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Thank you so much for your practice. It helped in a very difficult time.
Dear Femi, So wonderful that this helped you too and just remembering the beauty of ebbing and flowing and surfing with it helps me move through chaos. love
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Your Chaos to Serenity session is amazing!  It's my go-to class after a hectic week, and you just helped me once more to feel serene and grounded, and ready to enjoy the weekend.  Thank you again Jessica.  Namaste!
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