Jessica Magnin

Playful, vibrant, introspective, I am often coined as an extrovert but am a true introvert that honours deep connections. I love life and all its ups and downs. Growth and transformation are essential to me and are the impetus for how I show up in this world; as authentically as I can. I live to be inspired and to inspire others on a deep level through my teachings, writing, coaching and most of all just being me. I am honoured to be here sharing my presence with you !love



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About me

I'm: a Woman
Where I Live: Geneva, Switzerland

My Yoga Journey

Years of Yoga Experience: 20+
Practice Frequency: Daily

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Yoga Alliance - Certified


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My Yoga Inspirations

What inspires you? What nourishes you? What brings you joy?
I live to connect and be connected, inspired to inspire others. Yoga has always been a journey for me, a journey inward to that sacred home within. I love to hold space and guide others to their own unique place that they call home, and it is from here, that we meet
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