21-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 10: I Am That<br>Nikki Estrada

21-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 10: I Am That
Nikki Estrada

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Nikki Estrada
Barbora dont worry about following it to a "t". Find whatever position is most comfortable and easy for you. One of my teachers instructed it that way because there is a sensitive point at the top of the palate that relates to a center within the brain. It is very subtle and if placing your teeth together is uncomfortable find what works. Ty for the question
Jane O
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Hi Nikki.  Really enjoying the programme so far.  Today's practice seemed to take me very deep, almost like dreaming, but possibly asleep as I kept jolting my head every so often.  Needless to say, very relaxing.  Thank you.  Looking forward to what is to come in the further practices. 
Nikki Estrada
Jane glad to hear you are enjoying the practices- have you found one particular technique that works well for you?
Sara S
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It was like chasing my younger self. She went to the ocean and pointed. Gathered her up and went back into Mantra. Iam that was her today
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