21-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 13: Mala Meditation
Nikki Estrada

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I reallly liked the Malay and the meditation, as well. It helped me concentrate better, I agree Jenny, time flew by!!!
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interesting practice - seemed to be hard to move the beads with just one hand though - used L hand to hold the strand a little more taut while moved with index and thumb of R hand - really pleased you added this option though. thanks.

curious to know how it would work switching hands so beads are moved with L hand. whats your experience of this please?
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still coming back to these practices after completing the series, and still finding them most valuable - thanks nikki.
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I wasn't with it at all today. I'm not sure if it was the mala technique though. I have a feeling it was just how it was for me today. I'm interested in seeing what tomorrow looks like. The whole thing is such wonderful learning. Thanks for this Nikki.
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Hi Nikki. I don't have a Mala so will do my research and buy one. Enjoyed the session as I am finding it increasingly easy to just drop into the breath and mantra. An ease, grace and simplicity I enjoy. The benefits off the mat are clarity focus and calm. Namaste
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The tactile element provides another focal point for the mind. I started out with my mom's rosary (my mala needs restringing at the moment!) and I found I wanted to combine a recitation of the mantra with the breath AND the beads. And then I picked up a little Tibetan prayer wheel I have and tried spinning with mantra (om mani padme hum). Helpful techniques.
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I love the meditation with the mala, it was my first time. I like that I could direct my energy into something. It really minimised my mind wandering off.
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I have come back to this one, as I have received a mala for Christmas. I loved practising in this way. I found the tactile anchor really helpful, along with the mantra.
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I've been excited for Day 13 using the Mala.  I always thought you had to link the mantra with the breath as you moved from bead to bead.  I like that you said it took you about a month to feel comfortable with the technique.  It doesn't feel completely natural yet, but I will keep practicing.  Namaste!
Totally enjoyed using the Mala again. Haven't used them since I stopped meditating but plan to continue using them now in my daily practice.
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