30 Minute Yoga Flows: Sun Salutation Flow
Sarah Beston

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Hi Gabriel! You're very welcome! Happy to practice with you!
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Great practice. Thanks again 
You're so welcome, Gabriel! Hope you are having a great week!
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A beautiful, flowing dance-like practice. It felt like a yoga version of 'Swan Lake' with large sweeping expressive movements, grounded by my breath. I had my eyes closed and was guided by your calming voice.  Thanks Sarah. Namaste.
You're so very welcome, Glenford N. I love the visual of Swan Lake here .. makes me want to go to the ballet! Wishing you a beautiful Easter weekend. Warmly, Sarah
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Felt like a Birgitte Kristen practice, but much quicker. So much gratitude that I pressed play.
Thank you for pressing play and practicing with me, David Goldstein! I will have to check out Birgitte's classes as well!
Thanks, Sarah, for this wonderful practice! Namaste! ❤️
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