30 Minute Yoga Flows: Lengthen and Strengthen
Sarah Beston

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this was great! This show continues to be an excellent part of my morning :) thank you! Hope to see more seasons and episodes!
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Awesome Sarah. Thanks for guiding me to the best wheel I’ve ever done. : ) Feeling strong.
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Summer here and 113 degrees - my little yoga space very warm too. This a really lovely way to end the day. Feeling strong but loose in the heat.
Hi Briana ! I love practicing in the morning as well - it is definitely a sacred time of day for me. Glad you're enjoying the season! All the best, Sarah
Simon ! That's great to hear! I always laugh because wheel, as a child, was such an easy thing to do, and now, as an adult, it is certainly a posture that challenges me a lot. Happy to hear this was a good one for you! Best, Sarah
Hi Susan ! 113?! Where are you? I just spent the holidays on the east coast, where it was below zero with the wind chill. Back in sunny Cali now though! Thanks for practicing with me here on Yoga Anytime! Best, Sarah
Lovely practicing with you Sarah Beston thank you!
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Hi Julia Berkeley ! Yay! So happy to be here practicing with you and loving your new season of The Bhakti Show! Love.
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Fantastic practice. Rhythmic and all-encompassing. Have downloaded it so that I can enjoy this well-rounded and mildly challenging practice wherever I travel. Thank you.
Hi Sarah ! So happy this was a good practice for you! I especially love Yoga Anytime when I travel as well! Lots of love, Sarah
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