Yoga Rx: Outward Spiral: Hip & Knee Tutorial<br>Nathan Briner

Yoga Rx: Outward Spiral: Hip & Knee Tutorial
Nathan Briner

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Nicole M
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This tutorial helped me so much this morning! I was able to finally feel the opening in my body and it felt great! After 8 years of yoga, I finally felt it. Thank you Nathan! I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.
Lauri K
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Nathan, Great instruction on the front leg but I’d like more conversation from you on the back leg too. Thanks, Lauri
Kate M
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Great precision in cueing and explanation. Excellent. My brain gets it, and my body experiences it, then an integrated understanding starts to blossom...
Alison L
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Excellent. Your layering of concepts made it all come together so naturally . Thank you!
Nathan Briner
Thank you Alison. Glad you enjoyed the routine.
Julie S
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I got so much out of this tutorial. It made excellent sense and worked like a charm!
Nathan Briner
Julie thanks for taking the time to leave a note! From my experience, these linkings that I speak about in this and other tutorials unlock the body in incredible ways. I would love to hear your experience with them.
James N
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I think more detail on the back hip would be useful, as for most people, the back hip is going to turn round, even though we are often "told" to keep the back hip "back", hips open, it is difficult. I don't know if your rear hip was coming forward, but how does this change the pose?
Nathan Briner
James could you tell me which pose you’re referring to?
Annie D
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Thank you for the clear instructions. It helps to get a better understanding of the poses.
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