Practice with Patricia: Spiritual Warrior Yagna<br>Patricia Sullivan

Practice with Patricia: Spiritual Warrior Yagna
Patricia Sullivan

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Kit S
Such a lovely practice. For me today on a cold snowy winter morning, it brings a foreshadowing of spring. ??
Marisa W
Great lesson, for a home practice it felt like a master class in how to get more out of your poses. The shoulder and chest openings are spectacular. My arms feel longer after this practice, amazing. Excellent instruction.
Patricia Sullivan
Thank you Marisa, I hope the details help you discover more about other poses and about yourself. Thank you for your practice! Love, P
Eric K
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While I've practiced this pose for 30 years, your guidance made it fresh, new, and open. Wonderful on this (blessedly) raining Southern California afternoon.
Patricia Sullivan
Thanks for tuning in to this practice Eric, and I'm so glad it brings you a fresh experience. That is my quest - how to find and then share - that openness and freshness again and again. Happy to hear about the rain blessings too!
Elizabeth H
Thanks Patricia. A needed practice today as we open our hearts to the travesty here in CA. and move forward.
Patricia Sullivan
So glad the practice answered a need in you. And thanks for touching in. Love, P
Ruth Henriquez Lyon
I felt such a difference after this practice. I've been working on backbends for years with little progress. I've decided to go back to basics for a while, and this is just the thing. I'll be adding this to my regular practice. Thank you!
Daiva D
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Love your practice and approach! Thank you !
Would like to ask you about the practice to smooth heart rate.
Patricia Sullivan
Daiva, glad you enjoyed this practice. Was it something I mentioned in this Practice, something about smoothing the heart rate? There are some practices in the Pranayama practices, which you would find under "Into the Wild", Seasons with me as the teacher. But I don't remember if I mention smoothing the heart rate or not. So tell me more! Love, Patricia
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