Welcome to Yoga: Breath of Motivation<br>Kira Ryder

Welcome to Yoga: Breath of Motivation
Kira Ryder

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Lydia Zamorano
love. especially the idea that if you breathe diaphragmatically the ujjayi sound happens naturally. so balancing with the effort piece. also the asuras! (sp?) very beautiful to bring that to light. thank you.
Lizzy R
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Thank you. I enjoyed feeling the movement of my ribs in concert with my breath. Thanks for the encouragement and tool to persevere through the stagnant energy!
Rebecca Sophia S
Aileen M
Lovely Kira, Thank you!
Kira Sloane
Aileen !
Elle H
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Love the breath lesson Kira Thank you
Kira Sloane
Thank you for being here, Elle. xok
Asia Morrisseau
Well I enjoyed my first Yoga practice with you Kira Sloane I have enjoyed every moment and found you to be a huge inspiration! I can feel kindness and wisdom coming from your soul!! Namaste :)
Alex P
David G-
Thanks for breaking down Ujjayi  breath. 
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