Your Body on Yoga: Crushing on Anatomy<br>Kristin Leal

Your Body on Yoga: Crushing on Anatomy
Kristin Leal

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Hi Kristin, I was in Bretts first round of  YTT. I love your teachings so much, I'm so glad I found you on here! I'm so happy that I can continue my studies with you here, you are such a wonderful teacher! Much love xoxo
Kristin Leal
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Katrin so nice to see you over here!! Hopefully our paths will cross in the real world soon! Thank you for the kind words:)
David G-
Hey Kristen: your enthusiasm for anatomy was an unexpected bomb to my nervous system. Started my YTT too, so I need this course for real, and being a student again is so inspiring. I live Northern New Jersey, so I know firsthand the rush-rush-rush aspect of our lives in the metropolis. Who knew learning about the power of bacteria would light me up as much as a Down Dog. Best, David 
Kristin Leal
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So happy to walk a little way on your tt path with you David G- thanks for being here!
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