Yoga as the Science of Inner Transformation: Day 1: A Sense of Wonder
Ravi Ravindra

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Brilliant and thought-provoking exposition. I love the broad-ranging references to our many sacred traditions. In gratitude... namaste.
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Loved the idea that one can't be in awe (wonderment) and anxious at the same time. One of those lightbulb moments :). Accessible and thought-provoking presentation
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thank you Ravi Ravindra!
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Being able to access this articulate, rational, and inspiring teaching has been like coming across a lifeboat in a turbulent, chaotic sea. Many Thanks!
Kate - So happy you've found these teachings. Ravi has a very skillful and surprising way of touching the heart and blowing the mind! Enjoy! Love, Alana
Hi Shaz - That's exactly it! I personally find this teaching so helpful to reference again and again. We are so happy you're here and diving into Ravi's teachings on Transformation. What a gift. Warmly, Alana
Hi Sharon - How poetically articulated and so true. We are so happy that you are here and have discovered these teachings of Ravi's. Enjoy! Namaste, Alana
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I am so happy that I had found this lecture and was able to listen to it. Very grateful! Shanti!
So delighted to hear from you, Maria! Ravi and his teachings are GEMS. So happy that you are here with us. Love, Alana 
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What a beautiful class, loving the encouragement to seek deep answers. Thank you!
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