Inner Workings: Seeing the Beautiful<br>Kira Ryder

Inner Workings: Seeing the Beautiful
Kira Ryder

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Louise D
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Mmmm! Followed along and then went outside and saw the beautiful!
Kira Sloane
Louise, hooray! Happy to be here together. xok
Erika R
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Thank you for a beautiful practice! I love the way you capture and express the essence of clarity and vision.
Kira Sloane
Sweet to be here together, Erika. xok
Annie W
I did this practice and enjoyed it. But, for the last week, since doing it, my right shoulder blade is killing me. Maybe held the poses too long for me?
Kira Sloane
Dearest Annie, I am so sorry to hear about your right shoulde rblade. For a test, maybe just check to see if the position of the bridge, twist or holding of the strap in the hamstring stretch cause the irritation. Usually more bend in the elbow and attention to the shoulder blade resting back and down can help, but not always. Let me know what you find out. xok
Silke S
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Hello. Thank you for that wonderful practice. I love your feet exercises. I noticed my plantar fascia needs more attention. To rotate, and to bend forward at the end of the exhalation (in the emptiness ), I noticed more room, more letting go. Namasté. Silke
Kira Sloane
Sikle, your observations are inspiring. xok
Elisabeth C
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Thank you so much, I never thought I could find this quality of practice online, merci beaucoup
Kira Sloane
Dearest Elisabeth, so happy to be here together. xok
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