Kundalini Rising: Awakening the Ten Bodies<br>Sukhdev Jackson

Kundalini Rising: Awakening the Ten Bodies
Sukhdev Jackson

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Ina Good going Ina! let me know how you do...
Zeraphina So glad this is serving you! Keep up! 
Kristin you are so welcomed. Keep exploring and trying new things. These practices all give such different effects and there is a prescription for every ailment in kundalini yoga. Blessings. 
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Robin good that you are doing this. It was my first experience of KY. 10 bodies for 40 days and it set me on this path....dizziness could be a part of the release that you are getting through this. Is it dizziness throughout or when you do Frogs for instance? does it last all day or is it very temporary? Dizziness is associated with finding balance within the system. Make sure to drink at least three liters of good water per day. 
Robin K
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Dear Sukhdev, 
I've been doing awakening the 10 bodies. I love it, and really love practicing with you, but my back has been hurting.  (the first two exercises are killers! ;)))  I wonder if I should take it more slow. Also, sometimes I wonder, although I am strong and youthful, I am 65, and should I be treating my body differently, taking extra care not to cause injury. I think so and I do.  I want to continue, but I need to address my back pain. 
thank you lovely teacher  xooxox
Narayan T
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Oh my goodness, this was AMAZING!! I have never felt anything like this. I am trying not to beat myself up for not being able to do 26 froggies, lol. But it was wonderful. 
Hi there Robin, I'm so sorry to hear about your back pain. Taking things slowly (or slower than we're used to) is in itself a practice, no? Do take the time you need to rest, and move at a pace that's nourishing for you :) Warmly, Ashley from Yoga Anytime
Vahid N
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Thank you for the practice!... enjoyed a long sweet shavasana at the end!
Wendy H
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This was my first class on this platform. The teacher must have said the word 'bra point' 20 times, but I have no idea what she meant...
Elizabeth M
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Hi, Wendy - Sukhdev is saying "brow point", meaning the space between the eyebrows :) Hope this helps! And welcome to the site! 🙏 
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