Yoga for Our Nature: Elemental Yoga: Water
Melina Meza

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Thank you, love your teaching. Just right for for me ,everything seems to just fall into places.
very relaxing
Appreciate your guidance on identifying, by the quality of the breath and amount of resistance of the body ,how to gauge if you are pushing into the pose too deeply.
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Lovely flow. I could tell you shaped it to be a healthy practice during one’s menstrual cycle. Thank you for your beautiful intentions.
Made my tight hips feel much better. Thank you. Loved the idea of allowing the water to flow with the full moon. 
Great practice to save and do over and over again....I did feel a little pressure/pain when I put the block under my hip....this went away when removed.  What is the purpose?  Is it aligning the hips?  This was the posture with the leg perpendicular...I enjoyed it but curious about the set up!
Hello Ginger ~ Thanks for experimenting with the suggested pose, this goes to show that one pose does not fit all and that props are not always the solution! The block is typically useful for someone with less range of motion in their hips, low back, and waist. Lifting off the floor might give the body time to adjust the rotation in the waist, to energize the back leg and wake up the core muscles along the spine. I hope this helps and the pose feels even better as you continue to revisit it. 
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This practice is my life saver through this challenging time. I do it twice daily, my opening and closing bracket of every day.
Wow, I"m honored to be part of your morning and evening rituals! I too am grateful for yoga during these difficult times. My next 5-day challenge for the fall season will be out on 9/21 and has some calming practices that might be helpful as we dive deeper into the marathon of 2020. Thanks for writing!
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