Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 14: Spacious Hips<br>Shelley Williams

Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 14: Spacious Hips
Shelley Williams

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Sandra Židan
Beautiful practice! Thanks, Shelley!

David G-
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It's been freezing in NJ. Busy busy busy week in school, and I also found out that I will have to live with a cranky knee my whole life (calcium deposit), which before yoga I had once accepted. So some of these moves might have made my minor chords resonate worse, as I can't squat deep without pain or get my knees high enough in crow pose. But! I have completed 14 days and I am in better shape and I have learned more. I also get all the Southern California warmth with Catalina (?) Island and Pacific waves behind you, plus all of this freaking good will. Namaste, and a hug (pre Covid) back Shelley! Dave
Shelley Williams
David Goldstein Hi buddy! You are rocking and almost fully there! Look at you go! I have been traveling, sorry for the delay in responding, but know that I am with you energetically...  try using sesame oil (for skin), or coconut oil or almond oil before you practice.  Warm the oil in its bottle in a large bowl of hot water then massage into your skin all over your whole body...Auyurveda abhyanga daily self massage helps with creaky joints!  
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