Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 29: Untie the Knots<br>Shelley Williams

Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 29: Untie the Knots
Shelley Williams

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Shelley Williams
Nancy! How WONDERFUL... I am sure you have worked hard for your position, and deserve it. Enjoy, and teaching is such a gift! Much love
Shelley Williams
Gabriel! Thank you for showing up and for your continued kind comments :)
Julie B
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I'm going to miss you! I'll just have to start over!
Shelley Williams
Julie ! you are so sweet, what a nice message to share....Do it! Also check out our seasons Peak Pose show and Vinyasa Flow show... or come to Costa Rica this summer for vinyasa Yoga immersion! Let's stay connected on soon to be Much love 💗
Martha K
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I'm going to miss you! It has been joyful. I look forward to the party on Day 30.
Shelley Williams
Martha ! Happy Day 30 today!! Let's keep on practicing together, we've got a Peak Pose season and a Vinyasa Flow Show season here on Yoga Anytime. How are you feeling TODAY?! Pretty accomplished, yes??
Ruth E
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Yeiiiiii ! I'm still here! Im excited about day 30! Wonderful practice, thank youu!
Shelley Williams
Ruth! You have made it is Day 30!! Huge congrats to you, how do you feel?? Love!
Glenford N
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Another beautiful practice. I enjoyed the quote - The pull of yoga is not to wind up but to unwind - and will take that as my mantra for the day. I've almost completed the second round of the challenge. It gets better as I learn to slow down breathe and really give myself to each day. Namaste
Shelley Williams
Hello Glenford! So wonderful you are wrapping up round two! That is the truly the work of our time now.... giving ourselves to each moment, to each day, to each breath. xo!
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