Aligned and Awake: Strong Core<br>Nathan Briner

Aligned and Awake: Strong Core
Nathan Briner

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Jenny S
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So this was a challenge for me...abdominals always are. But I just listened to your soothing voice and kind of zoned out, and made my way carefully through the hard work and towards the restorative poses. Feeling stronger in body and spirit 💥
Nathan Briner
Jenny, I have to admit that the abdominal work is tough for me too. Don't let my soothing voice fool you in the video :D, I am definitely winded. Thank you for sharing your experience. Always good to hear from you.
Kate M
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Your voice is not only soothing, as Jenny points out, but also very encouraging! And no sense of "judgement". Very sweet core practice. Thank you!
Christel B
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Just love the challenge of this session like the side
bakasana and side planks with variations. Definitely makes me feel like I'm building up strength.
Julie D
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wowee - love your teaching will be doing more of your videos Nathan, your voice just switches off my mind .
Janet L
Thank you Nathan it was a lovely practice. :)
Lorrie B
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Wonderful! I keep thinking of myself as a "beginner", but Nathan is teaching me that I'm evolving. So happy that I can keep up with the pace and am "feeling" each pose the way it's intended. Wonderful instruction, Nathan, I am so grateful for your teaching method. 
Nathan Briner
Awesome! Thanks Lorrie 
Catherine R
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Such an enjoyable practice! Your guidance makes everything seem easy!
Nathan Briner
Thank you Catherine :) 
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