30 Minute Yoga Flows: Fresh Start Flow<br>Sarah Beston

30 Minute Yoga Flows: Fresh Start Flow
Sarah Beston

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Karen H
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Although I like to flow, this was a bit too fast for me. It seemed to move faster than the breath...
Sarah Beston
Thank you for the feedback, karen ! I will take another look and see where I could have slowed it down a bit. All the best, Sarah
Brett Williams
Sequence, prompts, pace - just more of your trademark quality instruction Sarah. Namaste.
Sarah Beston
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Namaste Brett Williams ! So happy to be practicing together and thank you for the feedback! All the best, Sarah
Kit & Dee Dee
Great sequence. All twisted out and ready for the day.
Sarah Beston
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Hi Kit &amp; Dee Dee ! Happy New Year to you and your family - so happy to be practicing with you again! All the best, Sarah
Lauri K
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Smart sweet sequencing. Got what I needed & more in 30 minutes. Thank you❤️🙏
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Loved this one! You have such great cues, calming voice and positivity that makes sharing this ‘virtual’ practice a joy! Namaste
Samantha E
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Perfect for a Monday morning!
Jeanne M
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Fantastic sequence and flow!
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