Chakra Course: Chakra 5: Vishuddha
Jasmine Tarkeshi

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What a vibrant flow this was!  Fallen angel with the head on the floor was a first for me and hence such fun.  Yes, honoring our voice and overcoming suppression  is important  to be practiced and lived along with listening of course.
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This is falling into my life at just the right moment. Some very important communication that needs to happen, and from a place of compassion, with a close family member. I will be tuning in again and again to try and really get in touch with that spacious place from which compassionate communications can flow.
My favorite of these practices so far! And, even though shoulder stand is not one of my favorite poses, I embraced the idea of observing all the other chakras from that position. Thank you!
By laying the femur across both upper arms in the Fallen Angel, it was quite ease-full to find the position (I kept the legs bent). The neck felt quite safe too. Fun! I had always relegated this to my "no fly" list!! woohoo!!
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I am learning so much and SO very much enjoying the 7 Day Chakra Course!  Thanks so much!
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This is my favourite class so far. I love how these sequences are referencing one another but with a slightly different focus each week. Love the eagle arms in sun salutations and following flows. I can also really feel my revolved postures opening out through the weeks. Side crow is fun; I find it much easier than crow crow!
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wonderful way to start the day! thanks
Ali, Thank you, I love this practice so much too! Eagle arms and side crow are a favorites :) Hope you return to it again. Blessings, Jasmin
Muntsa, So happy you started your day with this practice and hope it was a beautiful day! 
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I have been studying the chakras for 19 years and LOVE how you present the material and select poses to support the awakening of each chakra. I love fish pose, plow and shoulder stand! Was not brave enough to try fallen angel but will re-visit over the next week. Thank you Jasmine for your beautiful presence and caring way you share this information.
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