Yoga for Anxiety: Release the Psoas<br>Jillian Pransky

Yoga for Anxiety: Release the Psoas
Jillian Pransky

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Jeanne F
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Thank you so much for this practice.  I've been doing it often over the past few months to start my day.  It has helped me become aware of when my psoas becomes triggered throughout the day, and I can relax the area immediately and have a significant reduction of pain and inflammation in the surrounding area.
At first I couldn't believe this chronic pain of mine was related to fight or flight or freeze, but one day in a restorative class, my body & mind were still and I was feeling relaxed, when a thought came to me and I felt the psoas grip instantly!
Wow, what a great insight Jeanne! We're glad to hear this class is helping find not only relief, but also more connection and awareness of the body & mind connection. Thank you sooo much for sharing :)

Ashl ey from Yoga Anytime
Jeanne Thank you so much for practicing with me. Its so great that you are able to be receptive and sensitive enough to feel this relationship.  I know it will continue to serve you as you care for yourself with this insight.  Thank you for sharing and connecting. With gratitude, Jillian 

Joan J
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Wonderful, deep release, and also meditative.   So opening for my low back and hips.  Grateful for this practice🌾
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Joan I'm glad to hear that this practice was a good release for you. I've been practicing it too! May you be well and at ease.  
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Woke up on the floor 🤣 zzzz 
legs on the chair blissed out
Amanda P .... And may you continue to get nourishing rest... Thank you for practicing! 
Laura M
thank you!!!!
Roslyn G
I felt really rested and relaxed after this practice.
Roslyn G I am so happy to hear that you felt deeply rested and relaxed. May you continue to offer yourself the relaxation practice. With gratitude jillian 
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