Keepin' it Real: Active Recovery<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin' it Real: Active Recovery
Robert Sidoti

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Jenny S
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This whole season has been such a great ride, Robert....and THIS episode was the cherry on top! Oh my this really felt fantastic and turned what for me had been a pretty crummy day so far, right back on track. Thank you and hope to see you beck with a new season soon 🤞🙏🏻⚡️
Sarah H
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I found this quite by accident but it was just what I needed. My legs were stiff from cycling too long and hard and so I chose to do this practice instead of other forms of excercise. I now feel rebalanced and restored. Thank you!
Christel B
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Perfect for the day after a long hike had super worked my legs and this mellowed them out.
Robert Sidoti
Good morning Jenny !! As always I appreciate your comments and hearing from you in general :) Thank you for your constant support and enthusiasm and I am oh so happy this class worked well for you and shifted your day in a positive direction! 
Robert Sidoti
Hiiii Sarah !! Nice to 'see' you, it's been awhile since we've connected here. How are you feeling these days?! Sounds like you're still cycling and staying active, I bet that feels great! Always happy to see your comments and sharings here, thank you and tons of blessings and positivity sent your way! Robert
Robert Sidoti
Good morning Christel ! So it seems as if the title and practice lived up to it's name? :) Actively recovered your worked legs and brought you back to balance or mellowed out as you say! Thanks for being here!! 
Paula L
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So delicious after a day of skiing. Thank you!
Martha K
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This is where it is at! Bringing it in and feeling the source. Where I want to live...... beautiful
Robert Sidoti
You are welcome Paula :)) Where were you skiing?! 
Robert Sidoti
Martha !! What a beautiful comment - I'm feeling what you're throwing down here! :)) 
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