Keepin' it Real: Active Recovery
Robert Sidoti

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This whole season has been such a great ride, Robert....and THIS episode was the cherry on top! Oh my this really felt fantastic and turned what for me had been a pretty crummy day so far, right back on track. Thank you and hope to see you beck with a new season soon 🤞🙏🏻⚡️
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I found this quite by accident but it was just what I needed. My legs were stiff from cycling too long and hard and so I chose to do this practice instead of other forms of excercise. I now feel rebalanced and restored. Thank you!
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Perfect for the day after a long hike had super worked my legs and this mellowed them out.
Good morning Jenny !! As always I appreciate your comments and hearing from you in general :) Thank you for your constant support and enthusiasm and I am oh so happy this class worked well for you and shifted your day in a positive direction! 
Hiiii Sarah !! Nice to 'see' you, it's been awhile since we've connected here. How are you feeling these days?! Sounds like you're still cycling and staying active, I bet that feels great! Always happy to see your comments and sharings here, thank you and tons of blessings and positivity sent your way! Robert
Good morning Christel ! So it seems as if the title and practice lived up to it's name? :) Actively recovered your worked legs and brought you back to balance or mellowed out as you say! Thanks for being here!! 
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So delicious after a day of skiing. Thank you!
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This is where it is at! Bringing it in and feeling the source. Where I want to live...... beautiful
You are welcome Paula :)) Where were you skiing?! 
Martha !! What a beautiful comment - I'm feeling what you're throwing down here! :)) 
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