The Vinyasa Show: Positive Flow<br>Brenda Lear

The Vinyasa Show: Positive Flow
Brenda Lear

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Katarina V
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Wonderful! Thank you
Frederic M
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Wonderful flow! I feel full of positive energy for the day ahead! Thank you.
Johanna L
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Challenging and funny for me! I learned something new (witch I can not describe in english Namaste from Sweden.
Angie H
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Very strength building! Thanks!
Linda F
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this was AWESOME and will be in my rotation!!!
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Awesome Linda - don't you love it when you find a new favorite? :) Keep us all in the loop as you uncover more! xo AMO
Catherine R
Fun, fun, fun!!!!! And, for whatever reason, today I was FINALLY able to push up into wheel!!!!
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Go Catherine!
Martha M
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love my body full energy
Christel B
Great reminders that we can change the negative into its opposite.  Wonderful flow.
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