Yoga and the Somatic Experience: Week 1: Earth Body<br>Suniti Dernovsek

Yoga and the Somatic Experience: Week 1: Earth Body
Suniti Dernovsek

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DD T  Thank you!  I am glad to hear this class was supportive for you.
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thank you! I have leared so much today

Katherine S
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This was so peaceful, calming and grounding.  Your voice was beautiful throughout even through the more challenging movement patterns.  This is my first YogaAnytime class so thank you!  I've been left with a wonderfully peaceful feeling that I shall carry through to the rest of my evening.  Namaste.

Leonora D
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Thank you for this class, Suniti. This was the first YogaAnytime class I did and I truly benefitted from it. I have never felt so grounded in my poses as I did today, and my takeaway message of finding lightness through grounding will follow me for the rest of the day. Namaste.
Katherine S welcome to yoga anytime! I’m so glad you enjoyed this class and that it left you peaceful and grounded. 
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Leonora D oh wow! Your first class on yoga anytime! Welcome! I’m so glad you enjoyed this class and I hope you enjoy all of the fabulous teachers here. 
Sumana Ramanan D
This was definitely a nice flow. But to me the long, middle portion felt more or less like any other hatha-vinyasa flow, not something especially "somatic". Perhaps something went way over my head, but I would have liked much more cuing, and more precise cues, to help me focus on how various layers of my body and movement are connected.
Renata F
Amazing class. The body awareness is so essential and has immeasurable transformative power....thank you very much :)
Carole T
Loved the flow and felt connected, secure, oh my heart chakra! 💖 
Carole T
Looking forward to the next class.  Thank you Suniti 💖
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