The Vinyasa Show: Ignite Your Fire<br>Brenda Lear

The Vinyasa Show: Ignite Your Fire
Brenda Lear

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A great way to start my day. Quite challenging at times, but will revisit a few times in the future
Catherine N
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That was stimulating!!
Elke S
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Thank you for guiding me to ignite my fire! Happy Monday! I'm ready to take on the day with a big smile and feeling the fire :)
Melisse R
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Geeez you're strong, Brenda! I'll work towards sticking with you longer and longer. Remembering to breathe is a big help. Thanks.
Brenda Lear
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Haha, I think all of your comments have inspired me to take my own class online... just to see if I can still do it ;)
Silke S
Namasté. WOW I could feel my core muscles burning. I definitely created a lot of fire and I definitely need to practice more my core muscles. Thx Silke
North F
Virginia F
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GREAT, perfect amount of time for a pre work practice.
Glenford N
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Deceptively challenging. I had to take a breather as I couldn't keep up with the pace. A real wake-up for my core and a practice I will be returning too. Thanks Brenda for keeping me alive and inspired.
Renee R
Holy core fire! I love this feeling and know that I will be able to draw on it for the rest of the day! Thank you so much for putting yourself out there!
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