Ayurveda: Practices to Feel Like Yourself: Udana Vayu
Ali Cramer

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Oh yeah! Just what I needed...had a nice glow (sweat lol) going through this one. Now I’m feeling very alive and ready to step out into the world 🙌
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A new Ali class! Yeah! Loved it! Thank you!!!
Thank  you for classes from Ali Cramer. She is the best. Please consider offering her talks before she starts the practice, they are like mini secular sermons, that she offers at Laughing Lotus. They merge spirit, mind and body beautifully. And they are real (spiritual) talk for the real world. She is SO good.
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I really like your Ayurveda classes Ali. THank you. You inspire me to find out more about Ayurveda. Where do you teach face to face? One day Id like to come from New Zealand to your class 
Tina Anderson Thank you so much! I teach at Laughing Lotus and Woom Center in NYC but I travel a lot! Check out alicramer.com for details. Namaste! 
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Kate so glad! Namaste! 
Jennifer thank you for the support! 
Jenny shine ON! Namaste! 
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Loooove that class and I have so much more space in my chest and throat area now! Thanks, Ali! You inspire me so much  
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