Ayurveda: Practices to Feel Like Yourself: Udana Vayu
Ali Cramer

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Sonja happy holidays and blessings for 2020!!
I loved the class but it was a bit too hurried. I think I would take the most out of it if there was a bit of time between postures to adapt, or if the instructions were a bit slower. Other than that, great.
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I really enjoyed this opening of the throat and the heat it generated! Thank you!
Renee thank you so much! So important to keep our communication center strong and open. Namaste! 
Hi Ali, so excited to be able to take your classes while at home.  Thank you Mahsa & Elyse Yoga Love School Power!!! 
Elyse  so happy to reconnect this way! Thanks for tuning in! Xoxo 
This class was amazing. Perfection!
Jill M  you’re too sweet! Thank you!  So glad you enjoyed it. Hope you enjoy the other episodes. Namaste. 
Thanks, Ali! Great practice!
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Sandra Židan Namaste! so glad you enjoyed!
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