Yoga Nidra: Anamaya Kosha<br>Kristin Leal

Yoga Nidra: Anamaya Kosha
Kristin Leal

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Kate M
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that was so deep and blissful...
Kristin Leal
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Thanks Kate !!
Martha K
Relaxing yes, but also expanding and deepening. A very rich practice.... 
Kristin Leal
Thanks for practicing with me Martha !
Rachel S
That is exactly what I needed today. Thank you so much.
Kristin Leal
That's great to hear Rachel ! Thank you for practicing with me!
Leah K
Thank you Kristin, this was a blessing tonight.
Kristin Leal
Oh I'm so happy to hear that Leah thank you for practicing with me:)
Sandra Židan
Beautiful practice! Thank you very much, Kristin!
Kristin Leal
Sandra Thanks for being here! 
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